Auntsfield Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2020 (6 Bottles) Marlborough

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Deep ruby. Rich Black Cherry and plum fruit is subtly lifted by layers of dark red florals and complex savoury aromas of dark chocolate, cigar box and olive tapenade. The palate of this wine shows a rich silky texture, which is full and concentrated. Pure flavours of ripe berry fruit and dark plum fill the palate. This fruit is supported by powerful yet fine polished tannins giving a plush yet silky texture with seamless length.



About Auntsfield Wines

When Graeme and Linda first bought the property, there were no grapes anywhere around them. It wasn’t until they began researching the history of the land, that they realised they had just purchased Marlborough’s very first vineyard. Auntsfield is a family business in every sense of the word. And, at the very heart of this, are Graeme and Linda’s sons – Ben and Luc Cowley. Both men are utterly passionate about the part they play in creating the exceptional wines made here at Auntsfield. Just to hear them talk about their part in the creation is a privilege: they will tell you about the land, the grapes and the craft behind their wines. In fact just try to get them to stop talking.

With a twinkle in their eyes they will tell you every minute, wonderful detail of what they do. These are men driven not by the bottom line but by the desire to make the best wine they can.

Reading a few words on a website can hopefully convey the passion of these two brothers, but nothing can prepare you for the wine they create. Not until you have a glass of this wine in your hands, you raise it to your lips and let the taste overtake you, can you really know how special this relationship is.

The relationship of Ben with the land and Luc with the wine. It’s as authentic as wine gets. That’s something we pride ourselves on.


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