About Us

Cellars.co.nz lists 1,500 New Zealand boutique wineries, wine cellars, bottle shops and cellar doors around New Zealand.

Like Cellars.com.au which lists 4,700 Australian boutique wineries, wine cellars, bottle shops and cellar doors around Australia, the site has a long term mission to assist wine lovers to buy boutique wines from family owned and operated wineries in New Zealand that are often not available in your local wine retail store is our inspiration.

Wineries Drop Ship Directly to Customers

We have developed a transparent and straightforward process to buying wine. When buyers select and pay for their wine, the order is be sent to our boutique winery partners directly so they can pick, pack and ship the wine case directly to you, the customer. We do not stock nor deliver the wine and most importantly we’re not discounters.

Many boutique wineries produce limited quantities and their brands are not known nor carried by major liquor distributors -as they need large volume to fill the shelves in the larger retail liquor chain outlets.

In Australia, we work with over 100 family owned wineries, who planted the vineyard, make the wine and work in the business. In this way, we are connecting new customers to fantastic wineries that are often not known to them. We’ll be adding New Zealand brands as well.

If you own and operate a boutique winery or craft beer brewery and interested in promoting your hand selected cases of wine or craft beer across Cellars in Australia and New Zealand, then sign up here and we look forward to speaking with you.

The Team at Cellars.co.nz 🍷🥂