Wine Distributors FAQs

How many wines can I upload on my store page ?

There is no limit to the number of wines that distributors can promote on the site. Several distributors have over 500 wines from their domestic and international portfolio on the site.

How do we manage the listing when wine is out of stock?

Distributors often send us updated stock levels from their portfolio. Wines can be marked ‘out of stock’ from your dashboard / control panel. Vintages that are out of stock can be put into a ‘draft’ mode and republished when the vintage becomes available.

What about shipping?

All distributors arrange shipping couriers to pick up wine cases from their warehouses. All prices on include shipping New Zealand wide.

Can I highlight certain wine brands on ?

We encourage wine distributors to provide blogs about the winemakers, wineries and regions to help promote their brands to our visitors. Wines are shown on retail store listing pages  in random sequence.

Do you accept promotional material on wine brands?

Your wines are promoted across – a directory of over 6,000 wineries, wine cellars and local cellars/bottle shops. Viewership is 400,000 page views per year. We also encourage videos to be listed on your store page.

What are your payment terms?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway so distributors can receive payments at the time the order is placed. Larger wine distributors work on agreed trading terms with

How many wineries do you work with?

Over 500 wineries from Australia, New Zealand and overseas list their wines for sale via the Cellars network.