Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc 2021 (12 Bottles) Germany

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A bright, medium-bodied, dry white wine with a bracing freshness and an enlivening crackle on the palate. Pinot Blanc, a mutation of Pinot Gris and close relative of Pinot Noir, is known for its fruit purity and an enveloping, stony aroma. A vibrant and thirst-quenching white wine, the Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc gets its fresh and bright aromas from picking the fruit at the optimal ripeness. It is a medium-bodied dry wine, with density, mineral intensity, and just the right amount of acidity to give it great balance.

It is light and fruity enough to enjoy on its own but also pairs well with food



About Villa Wolf Wines

In 1996, Ernst Loosen took over the traditional JL Wolf winery in the Palatinate, which had existed since 1756. The Villa Wolf is a country villa in the Italian style that is unique in its design and was completed in 1843 according to plans by the Karlsruhe architect Friedrich Eisenlohr.

Similar to the winery Dr. Ernst Loosen took the opportunity to rebuild another traditional winery with the best locations. Because here he saw the opportunity to complement the fruity Rieslings from the Dr. winery. Loosen on the Moselle to produce first-class dry wines in the Palatinate. Thanks to the protection of the Haardt Mountains and the Wasgau Mountains, the Palatinate has a very mild and warm climate, which is ideal for the development and ripeness of the grapes. Because only very ripe grapes can produce extract-rich dry wines.

Enjoying a great wine is a unique pleasure. Its variety of aromas reflects an entire cosmos, from the change of seasons to the unmistakable terroir of a vineyard to the passion of the winemaker. All the great winemakers I have met have a clear vision. They know how their wines should taste before the first grape is even picked. They always let individual terroir triumph over technology. And quality – perfectly ripe grapes – always comes before quantity. Great wines are the result of great passion and dedication to clear convictions that are realized without compromise.

We feel these principles at our two wineries Dr. Loosen on the Moselle and Villa Wolf in the Palatinate. We want to produce wines that seduce you to enjoy, that are concentrated and complex and that reflect their origins in an unmistakable way.

When I drink a wine from our Erste Große Lage Wehlener Sonnenuhr, I want to smell the blue slate that nourished the grapes and taste the fruit that is associated with this unique terroir. I want to experience the special character of a vintage. That’s the thing that sets wine apart from any other drink.

Every great wine is created in the mind. But it only proves its true greatness in your glass. I hope you drink our wine with the same joy with which I create it.


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