NON 1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile (12 Bottles) Melbourne, Australia

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Nose: delicate floral, bright red fruit.

Palate: lightly carbonated, light body, fresh raspberry, dry, long fruity tannins, salty undertones.



About NON Wines

Welcome to the world of NON, loved by world-famous chefs, restaurants, bar owners, and self-proclaimed foodies from around the globe.

Founded by, Aaron Trotman, a serial entrepreneur and foodie on a mission to create the future of drinks, non is an intricate balancing act of flavour built from the ground up with key notes of floral, tannin, salinity & acidity and a bold, minimalist.

Designed by a team of expert food & beverage professionals, we draw from a vast base of knowledge from all areas, ranging from chefs, bartenders, food scientists and winemakers.

Made in our purpose-built NON Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia; one of the epicentres of the gastronomic world, NON is a 0.0% re-think of the wine experience.

NON works with both local and international farmers and suppliers.

This means we secure the highest quality ingredients, the variety of the fruit and vegetable may change over the seasons, but they are always chosen for top flavour, and peak seasonality.


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