Fontanabianca Single Vineyard Bordini Barbaresco 2019 (6 Bottles) Neive, Italy

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intense nose, with hints of violets and spices. Amazing aromas of ripe, plummy fruit, Indian spice and flowers. Full-bodied and very concentrated, with amazing tannins and super ripe fruit.



About Fontanabianca Wines

With our wine we offer the taste of the Neive area, rich in aromas and great elegance”. At the Fontanabianca winery they have clear ideas: quality cannot ignore the characteristics of the land in the Municipality of Neive, where Aldo Pola and his family carry on the work started in 1969 by his father Franco. The company, even before being identified with the name Fontanabianca, has always been present on the Neive hills, a sign of strong identity with this area dedicated to the cultivation of native vines, which bring with them an ever-living tradition, which is renewed every harvest.

Over the years the brand has become increasingly solid, first thanks to the transition from the sale of the grapes to bottling, and then to directly offering the wine during tastings and events. An intuition that favored the spread of the Fontanabianca philosophy: quality wine is only such if its taste is that of the territory.

We, the producers, are the first consumers, we offer a taste that can please: the flavor and aromas of Neive”; the whole of Fontanabianca is in this statement. And the market appreciates it: there are many countries abroad where the Aldo Pola brand is present, and there is no shortage of critical recognition.

From the United States to Northern Europe, from Japan to Australia, Fontanabianca wine renews the tradition of a land made of perfumes and great elegance.


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