Dal Cero Corte Giacobbe Soave 2022 (12 Bottles) Verona, Italy

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Our portfolio’s iconic wine, Soave Corte Giacobbe: crisp, clean, refreshing. The Garganega vineyards are located in the hilly area of Roncà, on the slopes of the two extinct volcanoes, Calvarina and Crocetta, east of Soave. The image on the label depicts the lava stone commonly found in our soil.

Straw yellow with pale greenish highlights. On the nose, multi-faceted fragrances of plum and citron, tropical fruit and apricot, flanked by smooth chalk and emphatic wild herbs. Appealing and well-balanced on the palate, pushing through to a crisp finish hinting of bitterish almond. It displays a vibrant vein of minerality, gift of its valley terroir of origin.



About Dal Cero Wines

The Dal Cero family has been producing wine for over three generations, following all the production processes, from the grapevine to the bottling.

Great respect for tradition, the philosophical principle of the founder Augusto Dal Cero, has always remained a mission for his sons Dario and Giuseppe. This fundamental principle then evolved over time, becoming the search for the maximum expression of a region, thanks to the matured expertise and commitment of the family’ s latest generation. Combining the great experience of the ancestors with the innovation and strong passion of the offspring still allows Dal Cero to create wines of absolute excellence.

This story begins in 1934, in the province of Verona when Augusto Dal Cero bought a very special piece of land in the municipality of Roncà, dominated by two extinct volcanoes:
Crocetta and Calvarina.

He knows he has a lot of hard work ahead of him on that uphill terrain, but he is not one to shy away from hard work. To get the land he wanted so badly, he had to sell another piece of land in the municipality of Montecchia di Crosara.

The two volcanoes have been there for more than 40 million years, and time has reshaped them, but up there, you still walk on a dark, almost black earth made of lava and tuff. It is the geological memory of the continuous eruptions and basaltic flows that ended up in the sea’s waters around the two volcanoes at the time. When the incandescent lava suddenly flowed into the water, it resulted in the glass-like texture of the rocks that still form that terrain.

Augusto doesn’t know about geology, but he does know about grapes. His instinct tells him that if he clears the wooded land on top of the volcanoes and plants a vineyard there, he will benefit from a land rich in elements. The outbreak of war in 1940 put a stop to his plans and forced him to join the army, leaving his vineyard and family behind.

He returns after almost five years, almost all of which were spent on the arid sands of the African deserts, destroyed but fortunately alive and well. There is a need to start afresh and get the farm back on its feet.

Nothing and no one can stop a man who has a dream in his head: to expand the vineyard areas to the top of the two volcanoes. It only stops when it is at the top. Beyond that point, there are only the clouds.


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