Cafaggio ‘Single Estate’ Classico Chianti 2020 (12 Bottles) Toscana, Italy

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This taut red offers a fine mix of cherry and raspberry fruit, with earth, licorice and savory mineral accents. The tannins are resonant, and the finish features lingering echoes of fruit and mineral.

Roasted red meat, seasoned Pecorino cheese, Salame Toscano and Fiorentina Steak.



About Villa Cafaggio Wines

The first document attesting its existence dates back to 1408, a precious parchment conserved in the estate’s archives. The estate was then called ‘Cahago’, which means ‘enclosed, cultivated field’.
Records indicate that in the late fifteenth century the property was owned by the Benedictine monks of Siena before passing into the hands of various owners, including the famous Niccolini family from Florence. Before the end of the modern age the estate was sold to the Florentine Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, and records show that, even at that time, the farm produced a great variety of food products, including wine and oil. In the nineteenth century, Villa Cafaggio passed to the Boddi family.

At the end of the 1860s, the property was purchased as a country house by the Farkas family, but by 1967 it was in such a state of neglect that the Farkas decided not only to renovate the wine cellars, but also to replant the vineyards and olive groves.

From 2005 to 2015, Villa Cafaggio has been managed by La-Vis Group, and since 2016 it became property of ISA S.p.A. (Istituto Atesino di Sviluppo S.p.A.), financial service holding company of Trento, which offers ideas, investment and new strategies for its development, to make the most of the opportunities offered by highly globalised markets.

The main priority will therefore be to maintain an almost maniacal focus on the production process across the entire supply chain, which should ensure a further increase in the quality of its wines. Basilica Cafaggio srl will seek to strengthen its role as a niche producer of Chianti Classico and to develop and improve what already exists.


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