Two Tonne Tasmania TMV Riesling 2020 (6 Bottles) Swan Bay, Tasmania

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This wine is from Tasmania’s Tamar Valley (TMV). Beginning just south of Launceston the valley winds 50km north to its meeting point with the powerful Bass Strait.

With an endless number of aspects & micro climates, this wine is produced from two warm sites not far from the Tamar River’s edge. Together these express what we enjoy most in riesling from this sub region of Tasmania.

Aromatic and textured, the wine lifts with perfume from the glass and has weight in the palate. It has tension and purity.



About Two Tonne Tasmania

Two Tonne Tasmania began in early 2013 when a young local winemaker, Ricky Evans, managed to nudge into the tightly held tamar valley, yep, with two tonnes of pinot noir.

Fast forward, Two Tonne Tasmania now farms from four diverse sites throughout the Tamar Valley and works with growers on the Freycinet coast and southern Tasmania, producing a range of wines that represent the unique sub regions of Tasmania.

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