RIPPON Riesling Mature Vine ‘Rippon’ 2020 Dozen (12 Bottles) Central Otago

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A warm & productive summer put plenty of flesh on this wine. The fruit is issued from Rippon’s mature vines, whose root hairs have invaded the schist rock below.

Lurking towards the end of the first mouthful is substantial phenolic power and it soon starts to take charge of the wine… and give it its sense of place


Kowtow at the throne. Magnificent wine, so complex, so intense, so fresh though and so much general sense of energy. Pulses across the palate with layers of nutty-saline notes, fruit, savoury, minerally, secondary, floral characters and finishes in a mouth-staining character and fine tannins to boot.You drink it and you know you are drinking greatness. Epic wine. So delicious.

Rated : 96 Points by Mike Bennie



Rippon Vineyard and Winery

Home to some of Central Otago’s oldest vines, the family owned and farmed Rippon lies on the shores of Lake Wanaka, just five minutes drive from Wanaka township.

The farm voice of a distinct parcel of land: Rippon. On the western board of Roy’s Bay, Lake Wanaka, Rippon’s north-facing escarpment forms the meeting point of terminal moraines and coarse gravels, all based in schist, on which some of the region’s earliest vines were planted.

Rippon is a Wine issued from all of the fully developed Pinot Noir vines growing in this land.

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