Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc 2022 (6 Bottles) Marlborough, New Zealand

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The 21/22 season is one for the books. Winter rains replenished parched soils and broke a three-year drought. A warm and wet winter continued into spring, bringing lush growth to the vines, a perfect flowering and an abundance of fruit. January was warm and dry, and decisions to reduce yields on almost every block ensured quality was the driver. This was beneficial as February saw a significant rain event, followed by cool weather, slowing ripening and retaining acids.
March was near perfect weather wise, other than several days of evening rain. What could have been an early harvest, came just in time. Fruit had concentration of flavour and vibrancy. A
slow start on the 11th March finished swiftly with Sauvignon Blanc on the 6th of April. Preserved citrus, elderflower, subtle tropical fruit and a touch of Jalapeño create enticing aromatics. Beautiful intensity of flavour from start to finish, with crisp and juicy minerality, medium fruit weight and threaded together with a fine line of texture. A reflection of excellent vineyards and winemaking style in a challenging season.

After the hard work was done in the vineyard this season, the fine weather in March allowed us to pick excellent fruit, close to perfection. Individual vineyards and blocks were kept as separate as possible in the winery. The juice was split quickly from the skins and lightly clarified before a low-and-slow
fermentation. The wines rested for 6-8 weeks before blending and bottling in July 2022. No animal products were used, creating a vegan and carnivore friendly wine.



About Catalina Sounds Wines

Our journey started in 2005 with a singular vision to produce the best wines in Marlborough. Named after the majestic Catalina flying boats and the iconic Marlborough Sounds at our doorstep, Catalina Sounds produces wines that are true to the region and our vineyard sites while building an extra textural dimension –wines that are uniquely Catalina Sounds.

We have evolved from our humble origins, building a reputation for producing premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc throughout the world. We are now pushing into new varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. We also produce a single vineyard range from our estate vineyard, Sound of White, as well as a sister brand Crowded House.

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